Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Close!!!

If you have seen our homepage today, then you will have noticed a sneak peek at our newest project - the Design Collection Favor Packaging series.

We are incredibly excited to debut this line early next week so make sure you check back on Ideal Favors for all the details!!
Wedding favor packaging has been one our our favorite products to sell over the past couple of years, but we also wanted to find a way to make it more exciting and modern. And we did just that! We will be printing our custom designs directly on a line of favor boxes and bags, which is perfect if you're a bride who is not into personalization, but still wants something unique.

Next week, we'll be debuting 6 designs - the first of our Design Collection series. You'll be able to pick a product, pick the design that you want printed AND pick the color of the design. The BEST part is that almost every single favor box and favor bag is under $1.00 each including the printing!!

And so, until next week, we will leave you with a few teasers of our first two designs, the Lovebirds and Cherry Blossoms.

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