Friday, October 16, 2009

Mass Wedding in South Korea Sets World Record!

We love to read about wacky weddings, and this one definitely qualifies!

Reverend Sun Myung Moon who founded the Unification Church organized and set a record for the world's largest wedding on Wednesday at the church's Sun Moon University in South Korea.
Some 7,500 couples gathered with brides in white wedding gowns or the traditional dress of their country such as the Korean hanbok or the Japanese kimono. Some of the couples at the ceremony were exchanging vows for the first time, or renewing wedding vows; but others involved in arranged marriages were meeting and exchanging vows for the first time, according to this article on

Reverend Moon has presided over mass weddings since the early 1960's and they have only grown in scale since then. Couples from Japan and the US were in attendance at the mass wedding on Wednesday.

Take a look at these photos! I'm not sure it's the way I would want to get married, but it would certainly have been memorable!




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