Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farewell Modern Bride

Conde Nast has announced that it will close several magazines including Modern Bride and Elegant Brides due to a sharp decline in ad page sales. The larger magazine, Brides, which was a bi-monthly publication, will be going monthly as of next month.

Modern Bride was a favorite around here and we loved the glossy pages filled with perfect photos of DIY projects and ideas, and new trends in the wedding world.

Hopefully Conde Nast will retain some of the staff that built the Modern Bride and Elegant Brides brands over the last few years to create a national magazine that is bigger and better than ever!

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Favor Bonanza said...

Oh well - sign of the economy. Brides aren't going as crazy spending anymore, so advertisers are not going to have the big funds needed for these publications.

I subscribed to both Brides & Modern Bride and I can honestly say I didn't get much out of either of them. When I was searching for a dress for my wedding, I did appreciate the 150+ pages of gown advertisements, but I never found any other use for the magazine.

I guess I won't really miss Modern Bride. But how can Brides now go monthly? - are they combining content from Modern Bride to make up the extra issues?

Sad that their business has been forced to cancel two magazines, but maybe in the end it will pay off for everyone.