Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Dream Wedding

Many of us have spent time contemplating our dream wedding. And for many of us, a dream wedding is just that - a dream! Maybe it comes down to the budget, or time frame, or geography, but most of us know in the very back of our minds exactly what that dream wedding would look like, down to the smallest detail.
When I came across this wedding by Jonas Peterson, I knew in an instant that this was my dream wedding. I have had a love affair with South East Asia since I was very young and while backpacking across the region years ago, Indonesia was a country that I quickly fell in love with. Bali is exotic, gorgeous, lush and green and the people are some of the most genuine that I have ever encountered.

Matt and Angie's wedding is beautiful and simple, or simply beautiful, which is exactly how I remember Bali to be. Take a look at these images!

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