Monday, April 27, 2009

The Twitter Phenomenon

Twitter seems to be the new Facebook these days, and everywhere you look, there are articles telling business owners why they should jump on board. We can't resist a new fad, so we've been Tweeting for a few months now and are so glad we did! We have "met", virtually of course, some amazing brides, wedding vendors, stationers etc. from all over the world.

We're definitely not fanatics about updating our status every few minutes, or every hour, but if you don't have time to keep up with blogs, this is truly a great way to see what your Twitter friends are up to on a daily basis.

So what have we learned from Twitter so far?
The most important thing we have learned is that Twitter is an invaluable resource for a new business or a business in a competitive market to help spread the word, get noticed, and join forces with other like-minded individuals. We can't think of a better way to instantly market your product and services to hundreds or thousands of followers daily, or hourly for that matter.

A member can Tweet for a service recommendation and within seconds they will have replies from their followers.
You can Tweet about anything your heart desires! From press that you received in an upcoming magazine, to your fabulous morning workout, to needing help with a blog topic - we've seen it all.

In a time where networking is everything, and building relationships is so important to businesses large or small, not making the most of a free resource no longer makes sense!
So pick your Twitter name, create your account and start Tweeting with the rest of the masses!

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