Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weddingbee's Big Deal

We are very avid readers and supporters and were wholeheartedly excited for and proud of Bee Kim and her husband when she announced to her readers today that she sold Weddingbee to eHarmony. But I wonder if she knew what was around the corner when she let her readers in on her biggest secret to date. Hundreds of readers left comments on the site, and the majority of them were saddened and angered to read that she had sold to a company that is quite verbal about where they stand when it comes to marriage equality - that is - they do not support gay marriage and only recently began interracial matches across

Sadly, the majority of commenters stated that they will be leaving the "hive" or community and that they cannot support or "line the pockets" of a company that so outwardly discriminates and represents such a backwards and negative opinion in this day and age.

We personally believe that Bee put a lot of time, thought and energy into this major decision for her company, and never would have done something that she thought would be detrimental to what she has built from the ground up. We hope that eHarmony stands back and lets the bloggers continue to post about issues and opinions that are important to them, rather than screening and editing.
We have the utmost respect for the LGBT readers and posters and supporters (we're supporters ourselves!) and hope that the marriage between weddingbee, eHarmony and its audience is not lost.
It is difficult to read some of the comments that people have left, personally attacking Bee and her decision, and it must be even more difficult for Bee herself to read those words after everything she has done over the years to grow the site into an extremely valuable resource for anyone in the wedding and special events world. We know that we will continue to support weddingbee and very much look forward to what exciting new projects are in the works to benefit the readers further!

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