Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Perfect Ending to an Eco Wedding

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For couples planning an eco wedding, or "green" wedding, committment to the environment must be high on your list. Using recycled papers for invitations, working with an organic caterer, organic flowers and linens, and choosing a location that is forward-thinking in terms of recycling practices - these are just some things to take into consideration when planning an eco wedding.

Eco weddings are in and there are a myriad of resources on the internet to help you plan the perfect day. But what about when the wedding day is over and it's time for the honeymoon? A fabulous eco honeymoon is not beyond your reach and can be as affordable as an average honeymoon.

We recently came across El Nido Resorts, a spectacular group of resorts located on Maniloc Island in the Philippines. The entire area is a marine protected by the Philippine government and the resorts balance environment conservation with an upscale operation. They also pride themselves on providing employment for the local community, offering numerous education and training programs. It has been voted one of the world's top Green Hotels based on their practices such as providing biodegradable plastic bags for garbage, and this October, they will open 10 new rooms that will utilize solar panels and natural light.
Beyond the impressive environmental and social policies, El Nido and the surrounding islands are fabulous places for adventure and activity. Diving, sea kayaking, hiking through the rainforest, fishing, cave exploring and rock climbing are just some of the amazing activities that will keep you busy on your honeymoon. And when you're worn out and ready to relax, the untouched white sand beaches and turquoise waters await.
We're looking for a really good excuse to hop on a plane today, but for now, these images will have to do!

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Images above from If you haven't heard or read Modern Gonzo, or seen his travel show "Word Travels" then you have some catching up to do. We have been faithful followers of Robin since he set off on his first backpacking adventure. This guy has the best job in the world and is truly a talented writer and photographer.

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