Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is finally in the air! So, Ideal Favors went in search of the perfect decorations for a pretty springtime wedding. What we managed to find may be our favorite product yet, and since glass candle votives are one of our best sellers, we know that these are going to fly off the shelves.

We saw some gorgeous yellow and black weddings in 2007 and this color trend has carried over to 2008, so these little glass votives would be delightful on a head table, as decorative accents on a cake table or guest tables. Two votives feature a bird motif on one side of the glass, while two other votives feature entwined branches. One single votive features the full motif around the entire votive. They come gift packaged as a set of 5 for only $10.00. A fantastic price for a unique wedding item that you won’t see anywhere else!

These votives will be added to next week, so make sure you check back with us!

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