Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lanterns We Love!

According to our customers, lanterns are a must-have item for 2008! Everyone seems to be looking for lanterns that are great quality but are also not going to cost them a fortune. We aim to please, so we went searching! And we must say that we're pretty pleased with what we found!

We just added some new lanterns to our site this week and you can find them under our "Pre-Order Program" here.

A great way to cut down on costs for your wedding is to have non-floral centerpieces at each table. Use a lantern as your centerpiece and then put a few smaller votives around the base of it to really dress up the look.

You can also use them to light garden pathways, to hang from tree branches at a summery outdoor wedding, or to provide some soft lighting on an outdoor terrace.

Lanterns give off a subtle romantic light that translates so beautifully in photos. And if you happen to have booked a venue that doesn't allow candlelight, you can still make lanterns a part of your wedding decor by using LED lights that look like tealights but are battery operated.

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