Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beat the Summer Heat with Colorful Fans and Parasols

Imagine the perfect outdoor summer wedding setting. Rows of chairs placed on freshly manicured green grass; a beautiful monogrammed aisle runner with sprinkles of rose petals; a tall arch decorated with fresh brightly colored flowers and the warm sun......that quickly becomes the hot sun as guests take their seats for the afternoon ceremony.

If you are planning a summer wedding on the beach, at a country club, or in a garden where there will be little to no shade, you may want to offer some handheld fans, paper parasols or even some sunscreen to your wedding guests. They will appreciate the gesture!
We carry a fantastic range of rice paper and SAA paper handheld fans in shades that will match most wedding colors. Here is a small sample of colors for 2008. Place a fan on each chair with a favor tag with a clever message!

Another great idea is to have some galvanized buckets filled with paper parasols that guests can help themselves to when they arrive. Our paper parasols are one of our best sellers because of the excellent quality and beautiful colors that perfectly coordinate with our line of paper fans or even our paper lanterns! Parasols are also a fabulous accessory for your wedding party and for wedding photos.

New stock of parasols and paper fans will be arriving in February, so feel free to contact us for availability.

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