Friday, December 14, 2007

Bridal Makeup on the Cheap

We've got nothing against make-up artists and the amazing things that they can do to transform your everyday girl on her wedding day. Every bride wants to look stunning when she walks down the aisle, and is captured on film for an entire day, but some brides are forced to consider other options when it comes to their wedding day beauty. If it's not in your budget, or there are no professionals in your area, you're going to have to do it yourself or entrust someone with a steady hand and a good eye to take care of it for you!

One of our favorite sites for inspiring and trendy looks, and of course, for their amazingly low-priced products is e.l.f. ( If you haven't visited or shopped this site before, we guarantee that you'll be hooked. They've got a fabulous feature called "Get the Look" that allows you to click on a photo, buy what you need to replicate the look and get application instructions.

Our favorite for a casual, summery wedding is the "Grecian" look, with soft pastel colors and flawless skin.

For a more dramatic evening look, with dark eyes and pale lip color, we love the "new year, new you".

We admit that we were a tiny bit skeptical of makeup that only costs $1.00, but we're true converts now! With prices this low, you can afford to stock up on different looks and play around with the colors and styles to get the exact look that you want before your big day!

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